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The Crest Academies new SMS text message service

Dear parent/guardian,

I am writing to inform you about a new service that we are going to introduce within the academy.

As you aware, in line with our new robust behaviour and pastoral policy, students sent to removal rooms are also expected to undertake a 60 minute detention at the end of the academy day. Currently, parents are informed of this through a phone call made by the relevant Pastoral Manager. Rather than solely continue with this method of contact, the academies Senior Leadership Team have decided that a text messaging service would be a more effective system to inform parents of detentions. This will mean that earlier in the day we are able to inform you whether your child is expected to remain behind after school.

To ensure that this new system is as effective as possible, it is vital that we have the most accurate contact information for all students. Please find attached a data information sheet. Within this sheet, can you please make sure that all the relevant information for your child is present. It is vital that we have up to date information relating to, address and contact telephone numbers, both home and clearly especially mobile. Beyond just this new text messaging service, should there ever be an emergency in school involving your son/daughter, we must be able to get hold of you as quickly as possible.

I am sure like me you appreciate the necessity and benefit of having this new system in place and hope that you will continue to be fully supportive of the current steps the academy is taking to improve teaching, behaviour and learning.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or the relevant Pastoral Manager should you have any queries regarding this new system.
Mr D Ferguson- Pastoral Manager Year 7 (ext 445)
Mr J Mertzelos- Pastoral Manager Year 8 (ext 165)
Mrs Y Scott- Pastoral Manager Year 9 (ext 280)
Mr C Albert- Pastoral Manager Year 10 (ext 170)
Miss S Allen- Pastoral Manager Year 11 (ext 265)

Yours sincerely,

Mr M Molokwu
Director of Support and Guidance
020 8452 4842 ext 160

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